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24/7 WEB3 sounds

Music, Human Creativity, & the Metaverse

MΞT∆VΞRSΞR∆DIO™️ supports the proposition that the Metaverse is, at its best, an international and unifying gathering place for humanity.

Humanity is continuing to transition further away from manual concerns. Consider, for instance, automation and human labor displacement. In this environment, humans are increasingly pursuing meaning through new and innovative experiential existence and, as part of that pursuit, they are embracing creativity like never before. This is a good thing; indeed, creativity is a transcendent gift to humanity.

The numbers of creative souls are now exponentially increasing and human creativity is flourishing more than ever (we live in an era where more than 60,000 new songs are being uploaded to Spotify every day). This trend will continue and increased amounts of creative content (art, music, literature, etc.) will be generated.

The increased expression of human creativity deserves sizable outlets that are not yet in existence. To that end, METAVERSERADIO is actively expanding the outlet, or throughput capacity, for human creative content, by building an ever-growing network of connected and interoperable radio stations — stations whose interactive audio broadcast is highly accessible and ubiquitous in both the Metaverse and in the physical Universe.

The timing for expansive metaversal development and its pairing with advanced Blockchain technology could not be better. The Blockchain’s utility is itself becoming more apparent and familiar to individuals. And with its ability to verify digital identity and secure provenance, it is progressively empowering musicians, visual artists, poets, and other creatives with a means to capture revenue streams without relying on approval or consent from traditionally “controlling industry gatekeepers” or other transactional beneficiaries.

Hence, the term “defy” takes on new meaning (“de-fi”) in our brave new world.

Consistent with the Platonic forms, the coalescence of these factors (i.e., explosive human creativity, the expanding Metaverse, the emerging web3, and the increasingly apparent utility of the Blockchain) is rapidly establishing an important epoch in the history of music, the visual arts, the humanities, and indeed humanity itself.


METAVERSERADIO encourages the decentralized ascent of human creativity, focusing especially on quality, interoperability, and interactivity of auditory senses within both the three-dimensional digital landscape and our physical life existence.

​Team METAVERSERADIO believes in breaking barriers, building bridges, and increasing individual maneuver space in all realms. While pursuing these efforts, we support artistry and discourage a feared dystopian future within the quickly developing Metaverse.

The Thesis:

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Headquartered in Chicago as part of the Metaversal Vision Network, Metaverse Radio provides a persistent digital audio broadcast that is highly accessible, whether by call-2-listen landline or cellular telephone, internet stream, voice chat channels, mobile software applications, smart speaker systems, smart television systems, or from within the Metaverse itself. Partnered with more than 30 top national and international radio broadcast aggregators, Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago is a Limited Liability Company that bills itself as, “the future most accessible, ubiquitous, and persistent radio broadcast in human history.”


Listen to Metaverse Radio for great music, compelling panel discussions, live coverage of noteworthy metaversal events, the latest news, and more. And as a complement to regular programming, the Metaverse Radio Podcast, consists of extended-duration interviews and is available through popular podcast distributors.


Additionally, efforts are ongoing by Metaverse Radio to complete network construction of its operationally connected and interactive social audio-capable radio stations dispersed throughout select Metaverse platforms.


Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago is an IRUC-registered Standardized Digital Radio Station, Principal Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum™️, and strongly encourages the use of Metaverse Cyber Time (MCT) (cf.


 METAVERSE RADIO™️ accessible+ubiquitous+persistent, Metaverse Radio, LLC ~ part of the Metaversal Vision Network, MΞT∆VΞRSΞR∆D.IO, WEB3 sounds from WMVR-db Chicago ~ ON AIR NOW ~ GLOBAL ~ NFT MUSIC GALACTIC NEWS BLOCKCHAIN TALK WEB3 SCIFI ~ MetaverseRadioWorld.eth ~ MetaverseRadio.near ~ broadcasting 24/7 since 2021 Metaverse.Radio ~ ~ an IRUC-registered Standardized Digital Radio Station ~ copyright © 2021 - 2022 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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