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Metaverse Radio Invites Musicians to “Surf the Airwaves”

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In announcing Call-For-Music, Metaverse Radio seeks eclectic and original artistry

CHICAGO, IL, US, October 2022 /Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago/

Multimedia broadcast network and content curator, Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago, has set October 5, 2022 through October 15, 2022, as the next extended opening for musicians to submit songs for radio station airplay consideration. Interested musicians are encouraged to visit www.LOUD.SURF to submit up to three songs (no longer than six minutes each).

The initiative, dubbed “SURF THE AIRWAVES,” is part of Metaverse Radio’s ongoing commitment to exposing emerging and established artists to the next big swell: the METAVERSE — while simultaneously providing opportunities for the artists to expand their own fanbase. From the collection of songs submitted, selected tracks will be aired by WMVR-db Chicago as part of its regular broadcast programming.

Veteran artists whose music has previously been selected and played by Metaverse Radio are also encouraged to participate. While valuing exposure opportunities for independent and emerging artists, Metaverse Radio will consider submissions from even the most seasoned and popular virtuosos.


Headquartered in Chicago as part of the Metaversal Vision Network, Metaverse Radio provides a persistent digital audio broadcast that is highly accessible, whether by call-2-listen landline or cellular telephone, internet stream, voice chat channels, mobile software applications, smart speaker systems, smart television systems, or from within the Metaverse itself. Partnered with more than 30 top national and international radio broadcast aggregators, Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago is a Limited Liability Company that bills itself as, “the future most accessible, ubiquitous, and persistent radio broadcast in human history.”

Listen to Metaverse Radio for great music, compelling panel discussions, live coverage of noteworthy metaversal events, the latest news, and more. And as a complement to regular programming, the Metaverse Radio Podcast, consists of extended-duration interviews and is available through popular podcast distributors.

Additionally, efforts are ongoing by Metaverse Radio to expand network construction of its operationally connected and interactive social-audio capable radio stations dispersed throughout select Metaverse platforms.

Metaverse Radio WMVR-db Chicago is an IRUC-registered Standardized Digital Radio Station, a Principal Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum, and encourages the use of Metaverse Cyber Time (MCT) (cf.

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